Dr. Abiola O. Oladoke is the founder and chief clinician of O & A Wellness group based on the Central Coast of California. Dr. Abiola Oladoke and her staff provide comprehensive, holistic health services for individuals and groups. Their work at the center help women and men naturally regulate brain waves, regulate neurohormones and neurotransmitters, improve sleep, improve metabolic functions, slow down cellular degradation and aging. Prior to founding the wellness group, Dr. Abiola served in the United States Army and also worked as a Department of Defense Civilian after transitioning from active duty service. Her personal experience of the traumatic aftermath of September 11 attacks and her work prompted the decision to start Home Front Warriors Project, a non-profit clinic with the expressed purpose of treating traumatic stress syndrome (TSS) and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in active duty personnel, veterans, and first responders. 

Janelle Bledsoe lives on the Central Coast of California with her two dogs. Her business, Genie Automation, helps small and medium sized businesses simplify, streamline and automate their systems, tools and processes. She is the Secretary/Treasure of Home Front Warriors Project. Her interest in helping veterans and first responders with trauma and post traumatic stress disoder evolved after seeing several friends struggle with living a normal life after returning from serving in war zones. She deeply believes we should take care of those who have given their all to protect us, especially if they are experiencing trauma through their work to protect us.




Wei Houng is a trainer of neurolinguistic programming, master practitioner of hypnotherapy and founding member/CEO of The 6 Figure Academy, which specializes in providing products, programs and services that help entrepreneurs eliminate money anxiety and grow their businesses to 6, 7, and 8 figure success. As one of the Board of Directors for Home Front Warriors Project, his passion in helping veterans and first responders comes through his experience in helping numerous veterans eliminate PTSD, anxiety and depression. He believes that those who continue to serve and protect our country should receive the best support when it comes to trauma and post traumatic stress. Wei is an avid beach volleyball player and currently lives and works in Redondo Beach, California with his beautiful Siberian Husky, Kayla.  


Irene Neale is the founder of Listen to The Pig, a personal finances management company that helps people uncover habits that are holding them back from financial freedom. She is a wife, mother, and grandmother who has mastered work-life balance. Her previous endeavors include managing hers and her husband's business for twenty five years, volunteering in schools and hospice care facility, and campaign manager for a school bond measure.  As one of the Directors for Home Front Warriors Project, Irene brings the same dedication and passion that has successfully served her in business and in life to helping raise awareness and fundraise for resolving PTSD in veterans, active duty members, and first responders. As a daughter of a war veteran with undiagnosed PTSD, Irene has a personal stake in helping those who serve our nation heal from the invisible wars within. Irene is honored to serve in whatever way she can be of greatest value to the much needed endeavor of creating healing for our heroes who serve and protect our freedom and our way of life.


RickBrause has been one of the top loan officers on the Scenic Central Coast of California since 1998. He had a great desire to get into mortgage financing after being involved in many business enterprises. He has owned and managed businesses such as restaurants, retail stores, and a construction company. He is highly regarded on the Scenic Coast for his professionalism, integrity and responsiveness. What sets him apart from most other bankers is taking the time to listen. Rick is Vice President of Mortgage Lending with Gauranteed Rate. As one of the Directors of Home Front Warriors Project, Rick is interested in helping veterans and first responders heal from trauma and post traumatic conditions after seeing many post war veterans suffer. Rick's hobbies include tending several Bonsai trees, which he says teaches him patience. Rick also enjoys swimming, snorkeling in the tropics, fishing, and loving up his eight grandkids.